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Our Glorious Golden Past

We, Raghuvanshi Lohana may be few lacs in this large world but we have glorious history of thousands of years. Basically we are Suryavanshi which was known afterwards as Ishwaku Vansh. In this sequence we had king Raghu whose reputation was so high that all the three loks Devlok, Prithvilok and Danavlok respected his nobility & his power. He was forefather of Lord Rama. Even today we have persons and families of Raghuvansi, whose name is respected throughout the world. In our blood we have generosity, ready to serve for any noble work and courage to fight any injustice.

In 19th Century our Community was scattered mainly in small towns and villages of Saurashtra, Gujarat and Kutch. Few members had migrated to Mumbai, Calcutta and Africa. Respected Shri Kanjibhai Odhavji Hindocha (Hindochabapa) decided to unite whole community by which
people of community can gain more strength. For this mission he visited maximum families at different places barefooted.

By the efforts of was Hindochabapa Raghuvanshi Lohana Community united and was brought on one dias in year 1910. The association of community was named as “SHREE LOHANA PARISHAD” The First meeting of LOHANA PARISHAD was held at Mumbai in 1910. It was decided to achieve goals of Unity and also to increase the level of Education which was not much in our community at that time.

To bring more awareness in community four more convention meetings were held at different places in country. In year 1912 at Rajkot, in 1914 at Karachi, in 1916 at Bhavnagar and in 1919 at Mandvi (Kutch) conventions were held. Awareness about education had picked up speed and 50
hostels of male and female students were set up in Gujarat Saurashtra and Mumbai. Due to two world wars and disturbances in our country activity of Shree Lohana Parishad had slowed down. Around 1950, Shri Chhaganlal Karamashibhai Parekh (Pujya Chhaganbapa) decided to revoke the activities of Unity of Raghuvanshi Community.

He left all his business activity and totally dedicated for welfare of Lohana Community. Due to his vigorous efforts and dedication Leaders of community throughout the world decided to have a strong foundation which was named as SHREE LOHANA MAHAPARISHAD. Foundation was so strong that today throughout the world members of Lohana Community has strong bond of Love and Unity through Shree Lohana Mahaparishad.

In 1952 first Adhiveshan of Shree Lohana Mahaparishad was held under Presidentship of Shri Nanjibhai Kalidas Mehta Swagat President was Shri Hansraj Jivandas Mirani. The Adhivation was great success due to joint efforts of all community Leaders. There was record attendance of community people from India and Abroad. Savitadidi daughter of Shri Nanji Kalidas Mehta explained purpose of Adhiveshan and appealed to community members to donate for noble purpose and welfare of community. Her appeal was heart touching to everyone. In response to her appeal there was big queue of donors. Some of ladies members donated their own ornaments. Leading newspapers had noted this event in their editorial and news on front page. They noted that there is always long queue of persons for taking donation, but in Lohana Community there was long queue of people for giving donation.

Second Adhiveshan was organized on 4/5/6 May1956 on race course ground at Rajkot under Presidentship of Shri Khatau Mavji Shethia. Swagat President was Shri Dayalji Naranji Ganatra. After long period of 18 years, third Adhiveshan was organized at Kanbai, Lalbai, Motibai Balikagruh in Mumbai on 28/29 December, 1974 under Presidentship of Shri Jamandas Gokaldas Dattani Swagat President was Judge Shri Gordhandas Anandji Thakker.

On 30/31 December, 1977 and 1st Jan. 1978 Fourth Adhiveshan was held at Bhuj ( Kutch) under President ship of Shri Hansraj Jivandas Mirani. Shri Shantilal Karamasi Somaiya was Swagat President. Again after long period of 12 years, fifth Adhiveshan was held at Salt Lake Stadium at Kolkata on 23/24/25 Dec. 1989 under Presidentship Of Shri Harilal Bhagwanji Dresswala Swagat President was Shri Ravindra Ramnikalal Vaghani, Shri Jayantibhai G. Kundalia was elected as President of Shree Lohana Mahaparishad in July 2005 and he shifted head office of Shree Lohana Mahaparishad to Gujarat. From July 2010 Shri Yogeshbhai Lakhani took over as 12th President of Shree Lohana Mahaparishad at Ahmedabad. Under his presidentship sixth Adhiveshan was held at Ahmedabad, and Akhil Gujarat Lohana Samaj hosted the total event.

In history of Lohana Community first time a global Convention was arranged outside India at Leicester City of London at U.K. Lohana Community of United Kingdom hosted the full event. Leading personalities from all countriesof world attended the event. Due to all theseefforts there is great awareness in communityabout Education and Health Care. Thalassemiais a curse to Lohana Community, since last fiveyears Lot of efforts are put in and removal ofThalassemia is taken as mission at all levels incommunity.

Present President took Shri Pravinbhai Kotak over as 13th President of Shree Lohana Mahaparishad from 4th July 2015. After he took over he has strengthen the activities of Shree Lohana Mahaparishad. A team of grass root workers is now active to reach upto last person of community. The priority is given to unity, Education and Health Care. Regular meetings of working committee, standings, trust board and office bearers are held at regular intervals to analyse the quantum of work done and updates are prepared. The Members of community at India and Abroad are well aware about all activities.

On 14th Feb. 2016, International Raghuvanshi Sammelan was organized under presidentship of Shri Pravinbhai Kotak at Kamijala near Viramgam in presence of Shri Moraribapu. More than 35000 persons attended this event which was record in history of our community.

Services at a Glance


In today's hard days Shree Lohana Mahaparishad, Raghukul Arogya Nidhi, Khimaji Bhagwandas Charity Trust and similar Charitable Trusts of community render helping hands for all needy community members as per rules and regulations of their trust deed.

Shri Pravinbhai Kotak and Shri Jayeshbhai Kotak has donated Rs. One Crore through late SHRI TALAKSHIBHAI DALCHHARAM KOTAK CHARITABLE TRUST for medical assistance by Shree Lohana Mahaparishad.

Awareness is also created among community members towards benefits offered by state and central govt. for needy people. Arrangements for shelter during treatment of major disease is being done by Arogya Samiti in metrocities.


The Community is now more cautious and awareness is observed for higher education. To encourage the deserving needy students Shree Loahana Mahaparishad, Shri Raghuvanshi Charitable Trust, RAGHUKUL SHIKSHAN NIDHI, KHIMJI BHAGWANDAS Charity Trust and other similar Charitable Trusts of community every year set a side huge amount of donations recd. for education. Shree Loahana Mahaparishad has received earlier Rs. One Crore from late Ronak Prataprai Dattani Education Foundation. Also huge amount of co operations, was received for education of girls student from Shri Dhirubhai Jivrajani of Rajkot.

Recently Shri K.C. Thakkar of Gandhidham (Kutch) has declared Rs. One Crore for higher education through Madhav Higher Education Trust. Over and above this Shikshan Samiti has appealed all local Mahajans. Chhatralayas and other Institutions to arrange to give facilities to students for their study and to encourage them for higher education.


Institutes which are created by Shree Loahana Mahaparishad or are encouraged for creation by Shree Lohana Mahaparishad and which may need renovation - a Gruh Nirman Samiti and Salahkar Samiti is formed to assist the Management of such Institution.


Under this Samiti Lady members are educated and awareness is brought among them about their rights, the facilities given by Govt. authorities to lady members and to help needy community, ladies members for their day-to- day requirements under leadership of Dr Nimaben Acharya. (MLA, Bhuj)


To collect and update information of community members in India and Abroad, Blood donation project, missed call project and other innovative projects are being carried out under the leadership of Shri Ajaybhai Vadera.


A Monthly official magazine of Shree Lohana Mahaparishad keeps community members updated about various activities and projects of mother organization.


To encourage Raghuvanshis for their extra-ordinary skill in different – different fields including arts, sports, social service etc. a chain of international awards is set up by Shree Lohana Mahaparishad which is being awarded every year.


A Separate Thalassemia Samiti is formed to educate people of community about this dangerous disease. Shree Lohana Mahaparishad has taken this as mission to remove this disease from Raghuvanshi Community.


To avoid differences and to settle the issues peacefully among two parties/institutions of community, a Samadhan Samiti is formed.


The organisation has dedicated committees for environment and training for making the society pollution free, evils free and to organise programs for Clean India and Green India movement.


Shree Lohana Maparishad has special matrimonical committee to look after and to
provide platform to allfamilies for getting right match in India and Abroad.


The organisation focuses on various skill development programs at various cities through establishments of skill development centres by dedicated committee.


Small and medium size businesses / professional are encouraged and innovative ideas are pumped through organising seminars by professional committee, employment committee and business development committee.


Raghuvanshi boys and girls are given platform to identify and explore their skills in the filed of Arts, Sports and Culture through various programs at regional, national and international level.


Needy families are covered with various schemes of insurance, medi claims and govt benefits by efficient social security committee.

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